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Fritz!Box und Python - Nutze die Schnittstelle

fritzconnection 0.6.5

Communicate with the AVM FritzBox

Project description

Python-Tool to communicate with the AVM FritzBox. Uses the TR-064 protocol.


pip install fritzconnection


fritzconnection requires the python modules lxml and requests:

pip install lxml requests

Available Modules, Commands and Tools makes the SOAP interface of the FRITZ!Box available on the command line. Shows all available services and actions when run with the argument -c. Use -h for help.

This is the main module and works standalone. The other modules listet here are utility modules for convenience and examples on how to use fritzconnection. is a command line interface to display status information of the FRITZ!Box. It also serves as an example on how to use the fritzconnection module. is a Tkinter GUI to display current IP as well as the upstream and downstream rates. It also makes it easy to reconnect and thus get a different IP from your ISP. is a command line interface to display the hosts known by the FRITZ!Box with IP, name, MAC and status. Utility module for FritzConnection to list the known WLAN connections. Utility module for FritzConnection to manage callforwardings. Utility module for FritzConnection to access phone books. Gives access to recent phone calls: incoming, outgoing and missed ones.

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